Should you Seal Coat Asphalt Paving?

Should you seal coat asphalt driveway? Best Contractor Tampa St PetersburgShould you always seal coat asphalt paving? When you maintain your driveway on a regular basis, it can easily last many years. Driveway maintenance includes checking for cracks and repairing them effectively. Whenever you neglect proper maintenance for your driveway, small cracks slowly become big potholes, resulting in high revamp costs. Therefore, it’s vital to seal coat your asphalt pavement if you want to ensure a smooth driveway without potholes.

What is Asphalt Seal Coating?

Using only asphalt for paving is not ideal since it is not durable enough to last a long time. Moreover, different factors, such as UV rays, oil, water, and chemicals, can make it brittle. A lack of seal coating and maintenance may lead to huge potholes in your pavement that require expensive repairs.

However, with the help of asphalt seal coating, you can add a layer of protection to your driveway pavement. By sealing it, you also ensure a longer life for your pavement and add value to the property.

Benefits of Sealing Your Asphalt Driveway

There are some major benefits of sealing your asphalt driveway. They include:

·       Slows Down the Oxidation Process

Asphalt pavements show a negative reaction to UV rays and sunlight. Prolonged exposure weakens the glue holding the sand and stone together.

Ultimately, your driveway asphalt grows brittle, leaving major cracks and holes in the pavement. Apart from that, the color may change to dull grey, which ruins the aesthetic.

Fortunately, asphalt sealing can help homeowners overcome these complications by slowing down the oxidation process in the pavements.

·       Enhances and Improves Appearance

With the help of asphalt coating, homeowners can improve how their driveways look, making them look more inviting. It helps add a coloring and contrast to overcome a dull traditional look.

The best thing about asphalt seal coating is that homeowners can also expand the lifetime of their driveway. In some cases, sealing asphalt can help a driveway last for decades.

·       Prevents Fuel Spillage Effects

Chemicals such as gasoline spills can break down the asphalt, causing it to grow weak over time. But with the help of seal coating, you can form a protective barrier that prevents asphalt from absorbing harmful chemicals that damage the pavement.

Is Seal Coating your Asphalt Pavement Necessary?

Seal coat asphalt driveway example | Best Asphalt Paving Tampa BayIt is important to know that asphalt comprises two main components. These include aggregates and bitumen. Aggregate is a mixture of different elements such as sand and crushed stone. Meanwhile, bitumen is a material that holds the aggregate together.

As we identified above, asphalt is prone to damage by different factors including UV rays and oil spillage. The only way a homeowner can protect their pavement is with the help of seal coating.

The pavement is a valuable asset, so it’s vital to protect it from severe damage. Not only is seal coating cost effective, but it can also improve your driveway’s appearance.

Should you Seal Coat Asphalt Paving? Final Thoughts

Seal coating your pavement can help maintain your driveway and avoid heavy maintenance costs in the future. You can either seal coat it yourself, or let the professionals handle it for you.

As a homeowner, you never want to compromise on your driveway. So, whether you want to seal coat your driveway or fix potholes, Whitman’s Asphalt Maintenance & Repair, Inc can help! We offer the best asphalt paving services in the Tampa Bay area.

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